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TRAFFIIC – Traffic Analysis for Incriminating Image Content

The internet and free exchange of information has changed our lives dramatically in the last two decades. People can exchange, consume and access all kinds of information virtually without any limit. But this freedom comes with a cost. Besides the free exchange of information, the internet is also used to access and exchange image and video content that depicts child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Even though there has been progress in the last years to detect known CSAM in network traffic, the proper detection classification of unknown CSAM is still subject to research. In the TRAFFIIC project SEC Technologies in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute IPK developed a solution to identify unknown CSAM in network streams with a very high precision, to collect information about the distributor’s infrastructure, and to generate restriction lists to block further access to the classified content.

More detailed project description in German.

This project has been co-financed with funds received from the European Union (European Fund for Regional Development).

EU Fond fuer regionale Entwicklung Investitionsbank Berlin

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